Urethane Spider Symbols

Suit Fabric - Unsewn.

Fabric Hood Kits


Here's the collection of spidey gear I offer.  Everything is made to order and takes on average 1 week after payment.  If you have any other requests please use the email link at the bottom of this page.

Please ensure the postal address on your paypal account is the correct shipping address.  

Please note :  Purchasing my items does not give you permission to re-cast them and sell copies.

If you'd like multiple items please send me an email and I'll combine postage costs.  

Most frames are cast in a flexible Urethane.  This style has no magnets and is generally glued directly to the hood.  Hood not included.   Magnets can be installed in the frames if required.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with MARVEL OR SONY PICTURES or any other organization of any kind, I am  simply offering a website with images of  home made costumes and in no way claim to be Spider-Man or any other super hero or Villain.  Wearing one of my costumes will not magically give you super powers.  You might actually feel a little under dressed if you haven't worn lycra before.  I DO NOT operate any machinery or drive a vehicle if wearing a mask as vision is impaired.    Copyright 2019 .    Spidey4fun.    All rights reserved.

Faceshell with Raimi style Resin Magnetic  Frames

I can sew your above purchase if you would prefer.  I use an overlocking sewing machine. 

Hero Suits

Eye holes, breather holes and head ventilation will be cut as standard. Eye frames are cast in resin with magnets attached.  The lenses are a plastic outer with mesh inner.  Note: The plastic will fog.  These frames can also be purchased without the plastic and will be fog free.  Please email me if you'd like different.


Sewing a Fabric Hood.

Urethane eye frames with mesh lenses.

Add Magnets to the Faceshell to fit your frames ordered above.

Urethane Webbing

Suit Orders


Measure the distance from the bottom of the chest webbing to the web line under the neck hole.  Spiders can be added to your order.  The set for the Red / Blue Suit or the Black suit.. 

Eye holes, breather holes and head ventilation will be cut as standard. Magnets will not be fitted unless requested below.  Blank Shells will best fit your eye frames order.  Please email me if you'd like different.