Thanks for enquiring about one of my costumes.  To make a suit to fit you correctly I require the following measurements.

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Inches or CM is fine.   Just send these through via email or use the form below.  Please use the form below for measurements ONLY.



Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with MARVEL OR SONY PICTURES or any other organization of any kind, I am  simply offering a website with images of  home made costumes and in no way claim to be Spider-Man or any other super hero or Villain.  Wearing one of my costumes will not magically give you super powers.  You might actually feel a little under dressed if you haven't worn lycra before.  I DO NOT operate any machinery or drive a vehicle if wearing a mask as vision is impaired.    Copyright 2019 .    Spidey4fun.    All rights reserved.

Only use the form below to submit measurements.  I will only reply to direct emails.